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Statement and Conclusion Problems with Answers page 4

(A) If only conclusion I follows

(B) If only conclusion II follows

(C) If either I or II follows

(D) If neither I nor II follows and

(E) If both I and II follow.

16) Statements: Jade plant has thick leaves and it requires little water.


  1. All plants with thick leaves require little water.
  2. Jade plants may be grown in places where water is not in abundance.

Answer: B

17) Statements: Use “Kraft” colours. They add colour to our life. – An advertisement.


  1. Catchy slogans do not attract people.
  2. People like dark colours.

Answer: D

18) Statements: All those political prisoners were released on bail who had gone to jail for reasons other than political dharnas. Bail was not granted to persons involved in murders.


  1. No political – prisoner had committed murder.
  2. Some politicians were not arrested.

Answer: A

19) Statements: Modern man influences his destiny by the choice he makes unlike in the past.


  1. Earlier there were fewer options available to man.
  2. There was no desire in the past to influence the destiny.

Answer: A

20) Statements: Water supply in wards A and B of the city will be affected by about 50% on Friday because repairing work of the main lines is to be carried out.


  1. The residents in these wards should economise on water on Friday.
  2. The residents in these wards should store some water on the previous day.

Answer: E


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