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Time & Distance

Hi friends, are you preparing for any competitive examination? Are you preparing for IBPS/ SBI PO or Clerk examinations? You can find study material, tips and tricks for all competitive examinations in our website indiajobzs.com. Quantitative aptitude section is common in all competitive examination. In Aptitude section time and distance is one of the important topics. 1 or 2 questions must be asked in this section. Here in this article we present you all the required information, formulas, model questions with detailed explanatory answers to boost up your preparation. Time, distance and speed is inter related that is

Speed = Distance/ Time


Time = Distance/ speed

Distance = speed X Time

Dimensions of speed is km/h or m/sec

Conversion formula is

X Km/Hour = X (5/18) m/ sec


X m/ sec = X (18/5) km/hour

Formula for average speed is (2ab/ (a+b)) km/h

More formulae and questions can find in below pdf file.

Quantitative Aptitude Questions on Time & Distance pdf download:

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