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Direction Sense Test problem with Answers Test 1

1) One morning Udai and Vishal were talking to each other face to face at a crossing. If Vishal’s shadow was exactly to the left of Udai, which direction was Udai facing?

Answer: North



2) If South-East becomes North, North-East becomes West and so on. What will West become?

Answer: South-East



It is clear from the diagrams that new name of West will become South-East.

3) A man walks 5 km toward south and then turns to the right. After walking 3 km he turns to the left and walks 5 km. Now in which direction is he from the starting place?

Answer: South-West



Hence required direction is South-West.

4) Rahul put his timepiece on the table in such a way that at 6 P.M. hour hand points to North. In which direction the minute hand will point at 9.15 P.M. ?

Answer: West



At 9.15 P.M., the minute hand will point towards west.

5) Rasik walked 20 m towards north. Then he turned right and walks 30 m. Then he turns right and walks 35 m. Then he turns left and walks 15 m. Finally he turns left and walks 15 m. In which direction and how many metres is he from the starting position?

Answer: 45 m East




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