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Blood Relation Questions & Answers test 4

31) Pointing to a photograph, a woman says, “This man`s son`s sister is my mother-in-law.” How is the woman`s husband related to the man in the photograph ?

Answer: Grandson


Man’s son’s sister — Man’s daughter.

So, the man’s daughter is the mother of the woman’s husband.

Thus, the woman’s husband is the grandson of the man in the photograph.

32) When Ballaladeva saw Manish, he recalled, “He is the son of the father of my daughter.” Who is Manish ?

Answer: Brother-in-law


Ballaladeva’s daughter’s mother — Ballaladeva’s wife;

Ballaladeva’s wife’s father — Ballaladeva’s father-in-law;

Father-in-law’s son — Ballaladeva’s brother-in-law.

So, Manish is Ballaladeva’s brother-in-law.

33) Pointing to a photograph, a man said, “I have no brother or sister but that man’s father is my father’s son.” Whose photograph was it ?

Answer: His Son


Since the person who is telling has no brother or sister,

so his father son is he himself.

So the man in the photograph is his son.

34) Pointing to a man, a woman said, “His mother is the only daughter of my mother.” How is the woman related to the man ?

Answer: Mother


only daughter of my mother -> means herself

35) Pointing to the photograph, Krishna said, “She is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son.” How is Krishna related to the girl in the photograph ?

Answer: Sister


My grandfather’s only son -> His father

Daughter of his father -> His sister

So that girl is Krishna’s sister.

36) A is B’s brother, B is C’s sister and C is D’s father, D is A’s?

Answer: Can’t determined

37) Q’s mother is sister of P and daughter of M. S is daughter of P and sister of T. How is M Related to T?

Answer: Either Grandmother or Grandfather

38) A man said to a woman, “your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt”. How the woman is related to the man?

Answer: Sister

39) Introducing a girl in the photograph, Sunil said “Her mother is the only daughter of my mother-in-law”. How is Sunil related to the girl in the photograph?

Answer: Father

40) A man is said to lady , “Your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt”. How is the lady related to to the man?

Answer: Sister


Lady’s mother,s huband : Father

Lady’s father’s sister : Aunt.Hence lady is man’s sister. Sister


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