27 6 2015 SBIPO Prelims 4th slot Review & Analysis on Questions

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Hi friends, State bank of India (SBI) has been conducting online based written examination for eligible candidates those who have applied for PO Examination. This is the preliminary examination that is qualifying examination for mains exam. Candidates who will qualify in SBI Pre Exam are only eligible for mains. Every day SBI has been conducting 4 slots. 1st slot 10 to 11, 2nd slot 12 to 1, 3rd slot 2 to 3 and 4th slot 4 to 5. SBI has completed 4 slots today and exams will be completed tomorrow. Here we are giving review and analysis on questions asked in 27-6-2015 SBIPO Prelims 4th slot. All candidates are enthusiastically waiting for questions asked in review of SBI PO pre on 27 June 2015.

SBI PO pre 2015 exam review of 27 June:

Today 4th slot examination successfully completed. Candidates have been coming out from examination hall. All candidates are coming with happy faces. K let us ask their exam experience.

Indiajobzs Person: Hi what’s your name?


Indiajobzs Person: Hi Ramesh How was you Exam?

Ramesh: Not Bad

Indiajobzs Person: How Many Questions Attempted?

Ramesh: 53

Indiajobzs Person: Which Section is easy and which section is tough?

I have attempted 24 questions in Reasoning and only 12 questions have attempted in English Section.

Indiajobzs Person: K Thanks Bro

Indiajobzs Person: Hi What’s your name?


Indiajobzs Person: Hi Srinivas How was today exam?

Srinivas: I have prepared very well for this examination but exam was very disappoint me.

Indiajobzs Person: What happen Brother?

Srinivas: I have attempted 32 questions in reasoning but my total time wasted for that . only 5 questions in English and 12 questions aptitude I have attempted.

Indiajobzs Person: so you total preparation was wasted na?

Srinivas: Yes

Indiajobzs Person: not for this only, for all examination time management is very important, k best of luck friend.

Srinivas: Thank You

Indiajobzs Person:  Hi whats you Name


Indiajobzs Person:  I am from Indiajobzs website and we have to share examination experiences of candidates

Oh my name is Rajesh

Indiajobzs Person:  who did you write today exam?

Rajesh: Excellent

Indiajobzs Person:  oh good how many questions attempted?

 Rajesh: 82

Indiajobzs Person: oh that’s very nice, how many questions attempted in each section


English: 27, Reasoning, 32, Aptitude 23

Indiajobzs Person: What is your opinion on today question?

I have already wrote so many bank jobs from 3 years. I have done many mistakes in those exams. But this time I have come with fully planned and questions also cam what I expected.

Indiajobzs Person: very nice and thanks for sharing your experience.

Indiajobzs Person: Hi whats your name?


Indiajobzs Person: Hi Shirish

Shirish: Hi

Indiajobzs Person: How was you Exam?

Shirish: not bad.

Indiajobzs Person: why man?

Shirish: questions were so tough?

Indiajobzs Person: ok ok, how many questions you have attempted?

Shirish: not exactly but may be attempted 45 to 50 question

Indiajobzs Person: thats very good, how many expected

Shirish: i think all correct

Indiajobzs Person: very nice, all the best, thank for sharing

Shirish: Thank you.

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